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"Been there, done that."

- jim dewald

An explorer that he is, Jim left his home in Macklin, Saskatchewan to go to Calgary for

work when he was just fifteen years old.  Not fearing heights, he worked as a full-time

elevator crew, his first job, for two years.  After that, he went to

spend thirty-two years in automotive sales, and actually had

his own Ford dealership in Provost, Alberta from 1977-1990.

Then tragedy struck his family, when he lost his youngest

son, whom he loved so much, to cancer.  He then quit the

automotive ​industry and moved back to Calgary.

​He then entered the trucking business for five

years, and then switched to construction sales

when he was hired at Unicon as a Sales

Consultant and raked in an average monthly

sales figure of $1.2 million dollars, eventually

prompting him to put-up his own outift.

Jim has been there, done that, let his experience help you finish your job.​

​ Family First.

 Home, heart, haven.

  Jim believed that your family should always come first.

 This is the culture that we have at Citywide.  We treat  people      that we deal with everyday, our customers, our employees, and  our suppliers, just like family.  We  take good care of our  business relationships, and all  of this starts... at home.

 We are always here for you, just like family.

 Keeping Contractor   Solutions Simple

 We Are Your One-Stop Shop.


     ...we are your One-Stop Shop!


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        Lumber & Plywood                 Cutting & Grinding

        Concrete & Accessories       Adhesives & Caulking

        Nails, Screws & Anchors      Insulation & Sealants

        Electrical Products                 Site Safety & Maintenance

 *Delivery Charge will be applied.

When it comes to construction materials we are your best bet. We supply and deliver to you at the same time, and directly to your site*. We are your procurement and logistics provider at the same time, we will do it all for you.

Instead of communicating with ten different specialty suppliers, and half the number of truckers to deliver, we'll be the only one you need to talk to, just place the order, and we'll deliver!

Our Customers Speak for Our Service...
Customer Satisfaction...First Priority!

One of the key ingredients in making successful business relationships with customers is giving them a Sense of Fulfillment, keeping them happy in short. That is why we, at Citywide Construction Sales, make it a point to give out the same amount of Satisfaction we expect to receive from our employees and suppliers.

Continuously finding ways to serve you better.  Better Pricing, Better Service.  No wonder these big players in the industry stick with us.  We are always there for them.  And we will always be there for you!

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